He floated

If you like awesome tv shows and you gots the HBO you should watch John from Cincinnati because it is an awesome tv show on the HBO. I think there is magic but I’m not sure. There is definitely cursing though so be careful around the little ones. Can 1.5-month-old babies pick that stuff up? There is also surfing if you like that sort of thing.

I am late to the whole HBO phenomena because I used to think there was a conspiracy by the cable companies to purposely cause interference with non-subscribers’ antenna reception. I’m still not 100% convinced there isn’t but I don’t really care anymore because the DVR is flippin sweet.

2 thoughts on “He floated”

  1. dude! if your 1.5 month can roll over, and I haven’t seen the video yet… he can do things you dont know about!!! his first word is gonna be the F word! watch out genius baby on the lose! or pearl the Landlord….ahh she could be giving him lessons!!

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