7 thoughts on “Ok I am taking votes…”

  1. Nathan – Christopher – Nathan – Christopher. I was thinking Nathan, now I am thinking Christopher… Now I am all confused! I like them both, a lot.

    It’s too hard to pick a name. I’m surprised Maya has one. How did we ever pick one? I know, we didn’t have any time left, she was born and we had to name her.

    I suggest writing both down on a piece of paper and tape them to your wall. That way you can look at them every day and see if one starts to stick out more than the other. (It works)

  2. If you name him Nathan he will forever get hot dog jokes. If you name him Christopher he can do cool stuff like Kristofer and be in a metal band.

  3. put them in a hat and draw a name!! I vote for Nathan! But kids in school are kinda mean and they would be like “yoo nate blake” and that kinda rhymes. But he could have a snappy come back taking after his father saying “but I am cool like that” heck yes! Go for nathan!

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