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Which bubble is going to burst first: “Web 2.0” or “Really small yet curiously strong mints”?

Take the megablaixco quiz! It will be fun! Think “1” for web and “2” for mints. My mind-miners will do the rest. Once your ears start to bleed you can stop thinking, your vote has been tallied. Results will be posted on a random website of my choosing. Find the results and win a prize!

*Something is coming up in this post that some people might consider a SPOILER if you haven’t seen _Superman Returns_. I don’t really consider it a SPOILER but I thought I’d warn you anyway (all the millions of you readers).*

“I am sad to hear Superman doesn’t really get a chance to _throw down_ with any super-powered bad guys but I still want to see it. If you’ve already seen it, I am jealous of you. You have my jealousy. Cherish it.”:

Here’s a post for you to read

Yesterday I was driving race cars and I won seven races so I thought I’d blog a post about it. This is that post.

I won seven out of seven races! Do not be jealous of my success. It was hard earned. I strive for excellence.

I may be blogging a post about a dream as opposed to events that actually happened on the really for real. Be warned of this as I continue recalling events.

After winning seven races I fought (and killed) seven dragons _with my bare hands._ It was a good day.

3 different things!

*Thing the first*

“This”: is filled with so many great _tidbits_ that you might have to pace yourself and read it over the course of three days.

*Thing the next*

Please either a) Ignore the time on this post or b) Don’t tell my supervisor.

*Thing the last*

If you haven’t read House of Leaves you haven’t lived.

So James doesn’t have to paste it everywhere:

bq. Justin: what is with d00ds who like to hug?
“James”: hug hot girls?
Justin: hug other d00ds
Justin: i saw this guy in wendys today who i haven’t seen since high school and he was all over me
James: its because you have manboobs
Justin: must be
James: his life has been incomplete without you
Justin: did you smack him on the ass?
Justin: yeah and i gave him a little kiss on the cheek
Justin: they used to call me barnman and i told him i have a real barn now and he flipped out and hugged me again