The New House





Painting the family room

Kati helped me paint the laundry room

Thank you, Kati and Diana, for helping us unpack… I’m sure you meant well.

Jake watching Justin outside


I’m sure I’ll be posting before and after pictures as we paint and change things.

7 thoughts on “The New House”

  1. your very welcome! We try. thats a nice house you have, now upgraded to redneck. 🙂 kari, you still have to paint a little bit in the laundry room. Notice I said YOU and not WE. 🙂 i’ll come mow down that back pasture as long as I get to ride on justins 4 wheeler. Heck yes! 🙂 Love you guys!!!

  2. Looks awsome guys congrats.

    I hope you guys make tons of new memories there.

    YOU HAVE A BARN!! now you have some where to keep kati when she comes over 😉 im just kidding i dont wanna get killed for that one.

  3. actually I could stay in there dean, if there was a/c and it was insulated. There are 3 rooms up in the top part. But too bad the birds, snakes, and the iguana are going in there before me. I guess I’ll have to stay in the house and put you in the stables. tear

  4. Oh i got yah the pets without fur are going in there, I was just saying cause i know you where allergic to there old house :p

    I know you dont wanna try to go another round of trying to joke with me. So i would give up while you have a chance =op

  5. Wow, that is almost grandma’s place. That is cool, next time I see you, I will have a bussel of crabs. yummy

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