flip flop flop flip

Name ideas if I incorporate:

* Megablaixco, Inc. (my current favorite)
* Blaix, Inc. (too obvious?)
* circleDIVISOR (j/k lol omg in joke!)
* Justin Blake & Associates, Inc. (what associates?!)

Cast your vote! Offer suggestions! Be an integral part of a new empire!

12 thoughts on “flip flop flop flip”

  1. Blaix on a Plane does give the impression that you are global and have the technology to get the job done no matter what your current altitude is. Jet setting all up and over this planet! At the very least you would easily be considered transcontinental.

    Technically Megablaixco has the same problem as “& associates” since mega means 1 million. You should know that from your college computer science days but you might have a clone army of blaixes! Buying enough planes to carry 1,000,000 blaixes to all the hot ruby on rails conferences in Denmark / Holland / Belgium / whereever all those hot europeans hackers live could require lots of venture capital or google ad click thru referrals.

    Never have a number in the name of your company unless you can jump up and spin that many degrees before you land. Also, saying your work email on the phone is kind of annoying. Is it ten80 or onethousand80 or onezeroeightzero and all the other permutations which I will leave as an exercise for the reader.

    You need to hire an editor for me so my comments aren’t longer than your content.

  2. So far I think Blaix Inc. is the best. It’s simple yet misterious and not very restrictive. Let me know if you need any help incorporating, I’ll give you the run-down on the most tax advantageous options.

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