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I finally read Fight Club. It is good. More people die in the book than in the movie. It is good when people die (but not in real life). Also, if the movie showed as much bodily damage as is described in the book, Hollywood would run completely out of bloody-flesh-putty make-up. I still like Survivor the best, though.

I have moved on to I Was a Teenage Billionaire Psychopath. It is not a Palahniuk (Chuck!), but it is good too. Do not be fooled, though. It is fiction, not a how-to manual. I am:

* One quarter of the way through it.
* Making a list about it for some reason.
* Using half a Wendy’s straw wrapper as a bookmark.

This was my attempt at being a real blog that talks about stuff in my life you don’t care about.

5 thoughts on “I write stuff in my BLOG!”

  1. I have Fight Club the book in hardcover. Elite reader status! I have a shiny badge that says so. I really liked that they hardly changed any words in the parts that they left in the movie.

  2. My book isn’t hardcover but thank God it at least doesn’t have Brad Pitt on the cover…

    Chuck put a cool forward in it about how weird things are for him now that everyone knows about Fight Club the movie. It’s worth buying one of the more recent copies just to read that part.

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