When will the internet stop thinking ninjas, pirates, monkeys, and robots are funny and that every time they are used it’s OMG SO RANDOM and THE FIRST TIME ANYTHING LIKE THIS HAS EVER BEEN DONE?!

Why does being on the internet after midnight make me so _angry?!_

7 thoughts on “D00D CLIK THIS LINK”

  1. Wow, it’s actually an hour later than it says. (I’m up at this hour because Lindsay’s water broke and I can’t sleep! I wish I had someone to talk to, I’m going crazy waiting.)

  2. monkeys are still cool when they are smoking cigars and used to represent the great nation of madagascar in ping pong tournaments.

    pirates are still cool when you give out pirate hats to the first 15 friends who have birthdays after you cancel your own birthday.

    ninjas are never funny. only deadly.

    robots are funny when they push people down the stairs and shove around the old people so 5 years ago robots were funny.

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