I read alone at lunch

So far, I Was a Teenage Billionaire Psychopath is the greatest book I’ve ever read. I did not realize Mr. Rowland had so many special powers. Thank God he only uses them to escape deadly situations or perform amazing stunts for large amounts of money.

LET ME ALSO SAY: Yes it is a small book, but I am a slow reader so please don’t make fun of me for not having finished it yet.

I write stuff in my BLOG!

I finally read Fight Club. It is good. More people die in the book than in the movie. It is good when people die (but not in real life). Also, if the movie showed as much bodily damage as is described in the book, Hollywood would run completely out of bloody-flesh-putty make-up. I still like Survivor the best, though.

I have moved on to I Was a Teenage Billionaire Psychopath. It is not a Palahniuk (Chuck!), but it is good too. Do not be fooled, though. It is fiction, not a how-to manual. I am:

* One quarter of the way through it.
* Making a list about it for some reason.
* Using half a Wendy’s straw wrapper as a bookmark.

This was my attempt at being a real blog that talks about stuff in my life you don’t care about.