Sleeping on the couch

It is (well) after midnight which means I am twentyawesome years old today. “My wife”:/kari tells me I have gray hairs but I haven’t looked in a mirror hard enough to notice. You should see how fat I’ve gotten. Maybe you have. I like being fat.

I can’t wait till I’m bald.

*UPDATE:* There seems to be some confusion. I meant that I am “twenty-awesome” years old, _not_ “twenty” awesome years old. I said “twentyawesome” instead of “twenty-four”. I was making a joke. I make jokes sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Sleeping on the couch”


  2. Aren’t you twenty-four-awesome years old?
    Did you lose 4 years somewhere?
    You do have grey hair (well actually it’s white), and you have a lot of it.
    Happy Birthday! I love you!

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