Halloween should be celebrated on the 13th at 6:66 am

A ghost gave me candy today.

Halloween is fun when it is on a workday because you can be knee deep in _algorithms_ and _abstractions_ then look up from your dual monitors and see a cowboy walking by having a conversation with a princess.

I decided it would be ok if I wore my hat in the office today. That was my costume.

I realize it is the unholiest of unholy days but you still shouldn’t pray to any Dark Lords. That is just a friendly reminder. Oh and don’t play the light as a feather game, I learned from a website _and_ a movie that it is like an open invitation to get possessed by demons. Lets not forget what happened to Emily Rose. Sure, flying can be fun, but no one wants to bend like that (or eat bugs).

I wonder when “my wife”:/kari will post a picture of the pumpkin she carved last night. It’s hella tight.

Is it windy yet?

Even when the hurricanes are well south of us, we still lose power. I can’t wait till they chop down the forest and run some real power lines. These coat hangers and jumper cables held up with duct tape aren’t cutting it.

Sike I don’t really want them to cut the forest down. There’s hardly any left. It’s getting to the point where I can’t tell people I live in the woods anymore.

I just saw a commercial for “Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp”. They have some halloween event whose tagline is “come find out what’s real, and what’s not.” That is probably the creepiest thing I’ve ever heard of.

I’m a super taster

I just discovered another food that has its taste drastically altered if it was consumed immediately after chewing Wrigley’s Extra Polar Ice Sugarfree Gum (otherwise known as _delicious gum_).

At first I thought it was just Dr. Pepper. Whenever I follow some of that gum with a big swig of Dr. Pepper, it always tastes like cough syrup. Oddly enough, this doesn’t happen with Mr. Pibb…

But no, it isn’t just Dr. Pepper, it’s also Lance Toast Chee reduced fat rich ‘n creamy peanut butter fresh roasted cheese crackers! I was chewing away at some delicious gum when I decided it was snack time (3:53PM), so I spit out the gum and took a bite from one of the crackers. It tasted like _tacos_.