Next time you see someone, challenge them to a fight.

“Oh yeah, it’s the magic.”:http://explodingdog.com/january2/themagic.html

6 thoughts on “LETS FIGHT!”

  1. tattoos would defintely make you bad motha.
    i wouldn’t even try to fight you. i would just run and jump over some small shrubbery. if you tried to chase me i know you wouldn’t be able to jump over the bushes because i’ve seen you get caught in them and fall before. that was before you had any tattoos so you might be able to do it after a tattoo or 4. each one makes you exponentially tougher. make sure you wait until i’m around to see how much better at jumping over miniature trees the tattooed version of justin is. justin 2.0 enhanced tattoo edition!

  2. oh snap! I think Tyler was dissing on your manliness quotient factor. Real men get bulldawgs and naked chicks wearing pirate hats. Naked chicks that aren’t their wife. Justin is going to get a puppy.

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