I want to go back to the blue room

“Ctrl-Alt-Del”:http://cad-comic.com/ has been really sucking lately. All the jokes seem phoned in, if there are jokes at all. Plus the most recent storyline involved about three thousand strips covering the same topic: _the robot went crazy_.

I told myself if the next strip sucked, I’m dropping it entirely. Then they go and make “a Cube reference”:http://www.ctrlaltdel-online.com/?t=archives&date=2005-08-31, and I had to let all that slide…

Yay Ctrl-Alt-Del!

3 thoughts on “I want to go back to the blue room”

  1. None of the dudes transform into ladies! What kind of comic is that? What are these storylings you refer too? I’m not hip to the webcomic lingo.

    And yes you owe me a dollar.

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