It’s cold in Michigan

Hey my sister just got married in Michigan. In Michigan they have not realized that it’s June so you still have to wear a Jacket. In Michigan everything is slower. In Michigan 7 people is a rush. I’ve only been to Traverse City, Michigan so my entire opinion of the state is based on that one small town. In Michigan the airports have four and a half hour delays because there is only one plane for the airline and it has mechanical difficulties and the mechanic is four hours away. Michigan is _the coolest_.

Happy Birthday

“John Linnell”: turned 46 today. He is officially an old fart. He of course still rocks out so hard. In fact the band is touring in July. No Florida dates announced… yet…


That was not a TMBG song but it just “popped up on iTunes”: and it just _had to be typed_. I’m pretty sure that makes me an honorary livejournal user.


Feeling half right

I have no idea how long it takes me to get ready in the morning. Because I am always running late. Sometimes I will shower, sometimes I won’t. Sometimes I’ll shave, sometimes I won’t. The only thing I do every time no matter how late I am is brush my teeth and put on clothes that don’t stink.

I bought an electric razor and it was cheap and it sucks but it doesn’t suck _too_ bad.

So my goal is to actually get all my morning stuff done, but squeeze it into 30 minutes. Possible? I don’t know, you tell me:

# Alarm goes off
# Hit snooze
# Alarm goes off again
# Get out of bed
# Brush my teeth
# Shower
# Wash my face and put that stuff on that is supposed to get rid of my zits even though I am 23 and shouldn’t have zits anymore
# Dress
# Start the coffee
# Feed the tortoises
# Give the snakes and tortoises water, check for poop
# Set out rats and/or mice to thaw if one or more snakes are due for a feeding
# Make coffee in to-go mug
# Make a plate of food for the iguana
# Grab the coffee, iguana food, and Justin food (in some sort of breakfast bar form) and head out the door
# Feed the iguana, check for poop, give water
# Leave

I think that will work. Shaving can happen before I go to bed because I grow hair pretty slowly. I hate shaving so hard. What is a good electric razor that doesn’t suck but doesn’t cost hundreds of thousands of dollars?