“It’s over”:

Eagerly awaiting “his”: next project…


So I was sitting down having a cup of coffee when I smelled this horrible odor. I looked down to see that our dog Charlie’s face and back was covered in what I immediately recognized to be doggy diarrhea. At first I thought one of the other dogs had projectile-diarrheaed onto Charlie, but after further inspection I realized that he was very sick, had gotten sick in his dog blanket, then proceeded to crawl deeper into the blanket, smeering himself with his own excrement.

Now the poor guy won’t stop throwing up.

Did one of you poison our dog?

Firefox Shmirefox

After some “prodding (thirteenpixels is bill)”: I finally decided to switch to “Firefox”: I was hearing great things about the web developer’s toolbar, the vast repository of other extensions, and the insta-cool-super-1337 feeling you get after setting it to your default browser. But after using it for a while, I realized there is one thing about it that I _don’t_ like.

It is slow.

I don’t know if anyone else experiences this on Mac OS X, but Firefox is almost unbearably slow when viewing flash. If I want to read a “Strongbad Email”: or, you know, “make my own christmas carol”:, I shouldn’t have to fire up a different browser. I don’t really care if this is a problem with Firefox or just the flash plugin it uses, because this doesn’t happen in Safari.

It is also extremely slow when loading locally hosted apache virtualhosts. It is not fun when I am working on something that requires reloading a page several times and every other time it loads I have to wait 60 seconds. This very well might be a problem with my setup and not Firefox, but it does not happen in Safari.

And I didn’t notice this until trying Safari again after a while, but Firefox’s interface just feels slower and clunkier than Safari’s. I’m sure most of that is just me being insane, but there is one place where there is no question about the interface speed difference: scrolling. Scrolling down a page in Safari is much faster and smoother than Firefox.

So I’m probably going to switch back. The only 1337 feature I consitently used in Firefox anyway was the type-ahead searching. I am a big fan of keeping my hands on the keyboard as much as possible (the mouse is so _far_) and the type-ahead searching really helped with that. But with “Saft”: I can get the same thing in Safari. Plus Safari has the added bonus of a more flexible use of the tab key. Firefox does not let me tab to my bookmarks bar or to dropdown fields in forms. Safari does.

I will probably still fire up firefox if I need to use the Javascript Console. Unless I can find a good external one…