You can touch it

“The new Nintendo DS commercials (.mov of one of the new Nintendo DS commercials)”: are kinky! But I think “this (VG Cats: bonus strip about the Nintendo DS)”: would have been more effective.

Look who’s back!

“Nickd (”: is posting publicly again! Hooray!

Who is nickd? Well if you were never a “ti-calculator programming nerd (”: or a member of the now defunct “Team FUN!”: then you wouldn’t care get it even if I told you.

Game 4, Boston Wins, SWEEP!

Boston looked really happy to become champions. The poor Cardinals couldn’t even get ahead once the entire series. But it was still all kinds of exciting. Next year we get to see if I will enjoy the regular season as well or if the excitement of the last few games is all that kept me watching.

Go Orioles!

This new interest in dudes throwing balls at each other (as well as some contstant prodding by “James (”: has caused me to pull out my old card collection. I don’t have very many baseball cards, but organizing them during the game made me feel super good. It also helped me stay awake through the whole game. Or was that the Dr Pepper?

_Or was it the DRUGS?!_